Super Mario Bros. Z (abbriviated as SMBZ) is a flash animated sprite series created by Alvin-Earthworm. It is a crossover of the Mario and Sonic series and is heavily inspired by Dragon Ball Z, using elements used in the series, such as energy blasts, powering up, flying, etc. It features Mario, alongside Luigi and Yoshi, teaming up with Mobian hedgehog heroes Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog to find the mystical Chaos Emeralds and defeating the evil Mecha Sonic, a robotic copy of Sonic who wants the emeralds in order to gain ultimate power. The series was to have 3 sagas, and 45 episodes total, until the creator, Alvin-Earthworm, ended up cancelling it due to losing interest in animating it. However, currantly, he has thought of continuing, having become interested in animation again. The series has gained massive popularity, and has inspired many other fans to make their own flash animated series that are crossovers of Mario and Sonic, like Mario and Sonic Worlds In Danger.

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